Client Care Representative

I am a mother of three under 6 years olds and two felines, Harley and Lilo. I have been a part of this beautiful work family since 2006. At age 14, I had a seasonal job at an animal boarding facility for 7 years and slowly transitioned to Leaside after completing a 1-year animal care program at Sheridan College. I always knew I wanted to work with and help animals. Each day at the clinic there is something new to see and learn. I love that I am able to assist the vets and technicians, interact with clients and mostly cuddle all the fur babies that come in to see us.

My work family is an amazing group of people filled with compassion and dedication that have taught me so much. The long bus/car rides have always been worth it and I am proud to be a part of LAC. 

Fun Fact: I love to sing while working, make people smile/laugh and prank my husband.