Veterinary Exams for Pets

Whether healthy or unwell, veterinary exams are the cornerstone of proper medical care for all pets. It’s absolutely essential that pets come to the clinic on a regular basis for complete veterinary exams. To learn more about exams and other services here at Leaside, please call us at 416-481-1127.

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How often do pets need to see the vet?

Checkup frequency will depend entirely on the patient’s unique situation. Generally speaking, we recommend that all pets go through a veterinary exam at least once per year. Senior-aged pets should come in more frequently – at least twice per year. If your pet is undergoing a long-term treatment series, or has a certain medical condition (e.g. pregnancy), then they may need more frequent checkups.

What happens during a veterinary exam?

Our team believes in customized medical care. This means each appointment may look a bit different from patient to patient and are personalized to their specific needs. That being said, most veterinary exams follow a similar flow. The vet will ask you questions about your pet’s habits, behaviour, exercise level, diet, lifestyle, bowel movements and more. They may also conduct a “tip-to-tail” visual check to assess your pet’s weight, breathing, and look for any abnormalities. In the end, the doctor will make recommendations based on their findings.

Should I feed my pet before taking them to the vet?

Yes. (Unless you were advised beforehand to stop your pet from eating, for example, if they have to undergo certain diagnostics.) Feel free to bring their favourite treats and toys to the vet. It is always a good idea to associate veterinary appointments with positive reinforcement to prevent and/or minimize any type of stress for your pet. 

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