Surgical Services for Pets

Going into the operating room is a much more common part of our furry family members’ lives in comparison to that of our own. From minor dental extractions, routine spays/neuters, to complex orthopedic procedures, you can rest assured that your pet will be in expert hands here at Leaside. We understand how worried owners can get about their pets’ surgery. This is why in addition to excellent care for our patients, we ensure that their parents are well-informed and comforted all throughout the process; from the initial consultation, surgery day, and in the weeks during the patient’s recovery. 

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Should I put my senior pet through surgery?

Rest assured that we conduct comprehensive testing to determine if any patient – young or old – is a good candidate for surgery. Generally speaking, senior pets can still safely undergo surgery and are still good candidates for anesthesia. Your veterinarian will thoroughly consider the pros and cons of any type of procedure that can help improve your pet’s health and address any issues they may be experiencing. 

What types of surgeries do you perform at your clinic?

Please see the list below for the most common types of operations performed by our licensed veterinarians.

  • Fracture repairs 
  • Foreign object removals 
  • Mass/tumour removals 
  • Spays and neuters 
  • Dental extractions 
  • C-sections 
  • Wound repairs
  • Eye surgeries (corneal damage repairs)
  • Ear surgeries (to address infections and improve air flow) 

For more rare or complex cases, we refer our patients to a network of specialist veterinary surgeons.

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