Senior Care Services for Pets

Reaching their golden years is a special milestone for any loyal companion. Due to all the major advances in veterinary medicine, we are enjoying even more years with our furry friends. Here at Leaside, we are here to ensure your pet continues to thrive and have as healthy a life as possible even during their senior years. If you wish to learn more about how we take care of our older and wiser patients, give us a call at 416-481-1127.

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How often should I take my senior pet to the vet?

Based on our experience, it is best that your older pet comes in for a full veterinary checkup twice per year. Strong as they may seem, older pets are more prone to injury and many types of illnesses. Early detection can prevent conditions from worsening. In addition, regular checkups can help your vet make recommendations on lifestyle tweaks that can optimize your pet’s wellbeing (e.g. dietary modifications, exercise recommendations).

Do senior pets still need vaccinations?

Yes. Unlike people, pets need to be revaccinated all throughout their lives. Booster injections of core or mandatory vaccines are usually administered once every 3 years or once every year, depending on the specific vaccine. Veterinarians will recommend non-core or optional vaccines on a case-by-case basis. For instance, sporting dogs may need a different set of vaccines than indoor cats. Either way, all pets need vaccines to stay protected from serious and life threatening conditions.

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