Parasite Control and Prevention Services for Pets

They sting, they crawl, they burrow and they infiltrate. Fleas, ticks, mites, worms and other parasites cause a multitude of problems for our furry family members. From mild rashes to irreversible organ damage, they will negatively impact both you and your pet’s lives and wellbeing. Fortunately, our team is here is help. Call us at 416-481-1127 to learn more about our parasite control and prevention services. 

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When do pets need parasite control?

To provide the utmost protection, pets need parasite preventive medications all year round, all throughout their lives. They need protection even during the winter and even if they spend their entire lives indoors. Parasites can still spread and reproduce even in colder temperatures. They can also make their way inside your home by using other small animals, insects, people and objects brought inside your home. 

Are there any side effects to parasite control medications?

The overwhelming majority of pets have no negative reactions towards parasite preventive drugs. These medications undergo rigorous testing before being available for treatment. In rare occasions, some patients may experience fatigue, vomiting or diarrhea after their medications are administered. These effects usually subside in a matter of hours on their own. 

What do I do if my pet has parasites?

Please reach out to our team immediately so we can treat your pet right away. Symptoms like upset stomach, drastic weight loss, bloated belly, excessive itching, coughing, skin sores and more can be signs of parasites as well as other health issues. Please refrain from trying out “at-home” or “natural” remedies you find on the internet. They are ineffective and can also worsen your pet’s condition.

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