Microchipping Services for Pets

These days, we have apps and devices to keep tabs on our luggage, cars and other priced possessions. We can also take advantage of the latest tech when it comes to looking after our cherished pets! When used with traditional collars/ID tags, microchips are a proven way to increase your chances of being reunited with your pet if they ever get lost. Call us at 416-481-1127 to learn more. 

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How do pet microchips work?

Microchips are embedded with your contact info and important details about your pet’s health (e.g. allergies, ongoing condition, date of birth, etc.) If your pet is lost and found by veterinary hospitals or animal shelters, they can scan the microchip inside your pet, extract your information and reach out to you. They will also be able to make necessary accommodations for your pet based on other details in the chip. For example, if they need certain medicines or specific sleeping arrangements for an ongoing health issue.  

Can microchips tell me where my pet is?

No. Microchips do not work like GPS devices. They do not provide a live feed of your pet’s whereabouts. Think of them more like permanent IDs that are inside your pet’s body. They cannot fall off or wear down. 

When should I microchip my pet?

We encourage clients to microchip their furry friends as early as possible. The procedure is commonly done during a pet’s first set of vaccines, which is when they are roughly 6 to 8-weeks-old. However, it can be performed safely at any age. 

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