Heartworm Testing Services for Pets

The term “silent but deadly” is truly fitting for heartworms. This is because in the early stages of infection or if your pet has only a small amount of them, heartworms cause no visible symptoms. It can take several months for symptoms to manifest. This is why prevention and early detection are crucial to fighting off these parasites. Call us at 416-481-1127 to find out how we can protect your pet. 

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How are heartworms different from other worms?

Heartworms can travel to different parts of your pet’s body like the heart, lungs and blood vessels. Other internal worms usually stay in your pet’s intestines. Pets also get heartworms in a different way. Infestation comes from the bite of an infected mosquito. They release the heartworm larvae into your pet’s bloodstream. It then matures, grows into adult heartworms and reproduces inside your pet. On the other hand, pets can get intestinal worms by ingesting eggs or larvae on soil, toys, food, animal waste and other surfaces. 

How can I stop my pet from getting heartworm?

Prevention is the best defense against heartworm and other types of parasites. We can recommend the best dosing schedule and formulation based on your pet’s unique needs. You can choose from tablets, topicals, chewables and more. Regular checkups are another important step. The vet will be able to detect early signs of heartworm during routine screenings so we can prevent the condition from worsening and rid your pet of heartworm right away. 

What happens when heartworm is untreated?

Without proper and urgent care, pets with heartworm can experience heart failure, lung disease, permanent organ damage and even death.

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