orange cat memorial

Fox (1998-2013)

By Memorials

Fox has been an integral part of the front office at Leaside Animal Clinic over the last 15 years. With his raspy purr and his mischievous looks he could often be found sleeping on the front desk or under an exam room counter.

The staff have enjoyed his unique personality, warm heart, and impish ways.

While he hasn’t complained, we’ve all seen him age rapidly. He’s been fighting several illnesses over the past couple of years (lymphoma, pancreatitis, asthma and arthritis). It has become progressively harder to keep him comfortable in spite of his painkillers and treatments.

Because of his declining quality of life we have made the difficult decision to put him to sleep. We are all very sad but we know that it was the right decision for him.

Please help us give McKenzie extra attention as we know he will miss his brother terribly.